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Resume builder

Resume builder

Creating a resume is the first step when looking for a new job, although there are many applications such resume builder, resume templates, free resume samples; it’s important to learn what goes in this short but important document, because even the software applications will organize […]

CV writing tips and sapmles

CV writing tips and sapmles

  The need for CV writing comes into play in the life of every individual, be it while graduating when applying for fellowship or grants, training with companies or changing jobs. The only difference being, that individuals focus on qualifications, personal details, and interests, in […]

Guide to Office Protocol & Etiquette: How to Handle Office Visits?

Guide to Office Protocol & Etiquette: How to Handle Office Visits?

Before visiting:

1.)    Schedule your visit with the office.

It is a very bad idea to just suddenly appear in the office of another person like a mushroom. If you will visit an office without prior notice, either you will disturb the colleague, or you will not be entertained, or both. Schedule an appointment at least a day before your visit.

2.)    Do not be late; familiarize yourself with your destination

It is important that you should not be late. A way to avoid this is to familiarize yourself on your destination: how to get there, how heavy the traffic would be, if there are alternative ways, and so on. This way, you don’t have to get lost in your way trying to find the place.

3.)    Observe proper attire

DO NOT go to an office in your casual wear. Wear business clothes if possible.

During the visit:

1.)    Be polite, smile.

During your visit, always be polite to everyone. Talk to them properly; use proper language and grammar. Don’t forget to smile. Do not speak loudly nor too soft; speak in such a way that you will not discomfort anyone. Greet everyone a good morning (or what time of the day it is). Always say ‘thank you’ and ‘you’re welcome’.

Look for your host at the reception desk, include your name and your appointment. If the receptionist is busy on something, wait for your turn. If you are on a hurry, say ‘excuse me’ and talk in the right manner.

2.)    DO NOT touch anything.

Unless it is provided to you, like magazines and something else to read,touch nothing.

3.)    Do not bring food or beverage

An office is where businesses matters are held, so eating or drinking is inappropriate.

4.)    Say thank you after the visit.

Having Guests in the Office

The same rule in receiving guests back at home is applied also in receiving guests in the office: be hospitable. Here are some tips to be a great host in an office:

Before the meeting:

1.)    Provide clear directions

If it’s your visitor’s first time, provide him or her with clear instructions. Also, tell him or her alternative routes in case of heavy traffic.

2.)    DO NOT be late

Everyone’s time is precious. You should conserve your visitor’s time as your conserve yours.

3.)    Prepare your office for the guests

Clean the office if it’s raucous. Make room for sitting. Take out something to read for your guest while they wait.

During the meeting:

1.)    Greet your visitors.

Do not forget to say ‘good morning’, ‘good afternoon’, or ‘good evening’. Shake their hands and smile.

2.)    Offer your visitors refreshments.

The trip to your office might be exhausting, so give them something to refresh themselves. Water, juice, coffee, tea, and other beverages will do. A light snack would be good, too.

3.)    If you have another appointment to attend to, state it directly.

Of course your visitor would understand, after all, it is a business setting. Just politely say, “I’m sorry, but I have a meeting to attend to at 1:00pm.” If your business is not finished, tell the visitor when you could meet again.

4.)    Lead your visitors to the exit.

Your visitors might get lost in the building, especially if the office is like a labyrinth. Lead them until the exit, or at least have someone do it; if these two are impossible, at least give clear directions to your visitor.



Career or daily drudgery? Career or a job? Too late for change? Career, career, career… Other than your family and a dream of winning a lottery, it’s hard to think of any other subject that occupies our minds to such an extent as our career. […]

Good Resume

Good Resume

Good resume writing skills, in part, has allowed me to be in a career which I am passionate about today. I was an average, if not, a poor student. During my three-year tertiary education, ‘D’s were my faithful companions about half the time. Was it difficult […]

Basic Oral Communication Skills

Basic Oral Communication Skills

Technical skills are important because you must be able to perform the functions of your position. You must begin with the basic skills and continuously learn in our environment of rapid change. Do you sometimes wonder why some individuals with excellent technical skills can never seem to get to a level above the technical technician in organizations? Do you see others with lesser technical skills rise above others and become leaders of their organization? The lack of oral communication skills has prevented a significant number of people from achieving their dreams of career success. Few individuals have natural oral communications skills that rise to the level of captivating audiences and leaving them totally satisfied or wanting to hear more from the communicator. You know, the type speakers you can’t wait for the next opportunity to hear more of what they have to say.

If you want to achieve all you desire in your career and have difficulty with your oral communication skills, make efforts to improve in this area by getting the required training. Don’t wait for a manager or leader to suggest the training, take the initiative to become better and you will increase your odds for career advancement. There are few really successful individuals who do not have good oral communication skills. I almost said none but thought of a few that would make you believe I “misspoke” due to some obvious success stories by most standards.

You might want to consider establishing some as goals with a timeline for completion. That can be a powerful enabler for goal accomplishment.

  1. Career Analysis-Analyze your career progress to determine if you are on track to achieve your career objectives. Ask the tough questions and be prepared to take the necessary actions required for career success.
  2. Skills Assessment- Most of us believe we can effectively perform all the required functions in our profession. An honest self-assessment will provide you with clues to the areas where improvements or new skills are needed. Be proactive and seek out any additional training and development that will make you better at what you do.
  3. Resume Update– The beginning of the year is an excellent time to update your resume. Do it whether you are looking for a new position or are completely satisfied with all aspects of your current position and career. Things can change rapidly so be prepared. Who knows, that outstanding opportunity that was a distant dream just might surface.
  4. Networking- Begin developing your network of contacts or start cultivating your existing network. This is a perfect time for that type activity because many others will be in the frame of mind to do the same thing.
  5. Mentoring- Touch base with your mentor. If you don’t have one, get one. He or she could be your portal to success and you need every advantage you can get in this competitive career environment.
  6. Read- Broaden your perspectives by staying in touch with current world events and reading about topics not related to what you currently know. Your schmoozing ability will play a significant role in your degree of success and that requires diverse knowledge, information, and technique.
  7. Continuous Learning- Make continuous learning a priority. No matter how good you are in your profession, taking a break from the learning process can make you obsolete. Seek out and take advantage of personal and career development opportunities.
  8. Start Fresh- Clean out those old files, both hard copy and electronic. Learn from the content of those files and identify actions that would be of value. There will be some real treasures in those files, use them to your advantage and move on.
  9. Utilize Technology- The Las Vegas technology show this year continues the trend of introducing new devices that will change how we work and live in profound ways. This field is showing no signs of slowing down and it is essential that you utilize and stay current with emerging technology in order to get or remain relevant in your career field.
  10. Make Health a Priority- Being successful in your career without maintaining your personal health is not a winning scenario. Do the things you must do in order to maintain your body, mind, and spirituality. That is the only way you can enjoy the benefits of a successful career.