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How To Present Arguments

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Most probably most of the students have had to write an argumentative essay or will have to write an argumentative essay so we’re gonna see here really 1 2 3 4 5 6 different rules of reasoning that can really help you in terms of writing a solid argumentative essay now keep in mind here that in our last section we were looking at the idea of considering alternatives whoops zoom out here we’ve been looking at the idea of extended arguments and some of the things we had noticed here is that when you have an extended argument an extended argument is basically an argument that’s backed up by further arguments which are backed up by further arguments and still further arguments in. Learn more about arguments and argumentative essays on Edusson.

Essentially this is what an argumentative essay is in the sense that as an argumentative essay it includes sets of extended arguments the difference though is that an argumentative essay should also be tuned to presenting your information in your argument in a way that’s that’s interesting clear and precise which isn’t exactly the same thing or same task it’s just writing a regular argumentative essay so I were just writing a regular extended argument my apologies there so let’s jump into it let’s just start up here what exactly is an argumentative essay now I’d like to start off here with a little picture of this gentleman here this is Michele de menthe song or Montaigne as he’s talked referred to in the english-speaking world he’s a 15th century French philosopher whose you typically credited with being the person who invented the essay so if you’re one of the people who hates writing essays.

Here’s the person you can hate Montaigne now Montaigne he writes actually a set of essays and we wouldn’t see them as essays today and the name of his book is called the essays for instance right here it is and what Montaigne does is he gives he basically writes short excerpts on a whole bunch of different topics none of which he was an expert on and so the question emerges well what’s the subject of the essay and so this is his the the note to the reader he included in his 1580 edition of the essays he writes reader thou hast here an honest book it does at the outset forewarned view that in contriving the same I have proposed to myself no other than in domestic and a private end I have had no consideration at all either to try either to thy service or to my glory my powers are not capable of any such design I have dedicated it that is his work to the particular commodity of my kinsfolk and Friends so that having lost me which they must do shortly right he has to die they will dare and recover some traits of my conditions and humors and by that means preserve more whole and more life like the knowledge they had of me.