If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door

Good Resume

Good Resume
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Good resume writing skills, in part, has allowed me to be in a career which I am passionate about today.

I was an average, if not, a poor student. During my three-year tertiary education, ‘D’s were my faithful companions about half the time. Was it difficult to secure a good job despite my results? Nope. I got the job I wanted!

How did I do that?

Good resume writing provided me with that wonderful start.

I presented my little other achievements in a positive way, scored the interview, and convinced my interviewer to give me the job.

As a job seeker, I realized that a well-written resume allowed me to put the focus on work experiences and achievements instead of education and grades.

And as a recruiter, many applicants were quickly placed in the ‘Not Selected’ pile. Why? Because, their resumes did not tell me clearly, why they are the right person for the job. And this, despite good academic results and work experience.

Good Resume Writing = Good Matching, Writing or Selling Skills?

Yes, you are right. Good Resume Writing involves all three. A resume is a passport to the interview. And the interview leads you, hopefully, to the position that you are seeking.

So how do you use a few pieces of paper to attract the recruiter to pick up your resume, go through it with interest, and call you for an interview?


You need to do three things when you are writing your resume

  1. Match

Match your values, relevant work experiences, skills and knowledge to the position that you are seeking.

  1. Customize

Customize and write these in clear, concise, specific and quantifiable terms.

  1. Present

Present these in a professional manner (quality print on plain white quality paper).