If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door


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Career or daily drudgery? Career or a job? Too late for change?

Career, career, career…

Other than your family and a dream of winning a lottery, it’s hard to think of any other subject that occupies our minds to such an extent as our career. Unfortunately, it is a rare individual who gets in a great mood when the subject comes up.

Just think about it — if somebody tells you that their career is going great and they love their job, don’t you feel like slapping them around and yelling out:

“Wake up!!! You know you’re lying to me.” Unfortunately, with the exception of Shaq, Tom Cruise, or Bill Clinton (I would not mind his job — travel all over the world and pretend like you can solve all of the world’s problems — he seemed to have been a bit more stressed out while in the office), there are not too many people who can honestly say:

“I love my career, I can’t wait to get to work in the morning, I have too much time on my hands to spend with my spouse and I am having too much fun with my kid(s)and friends.” Do you know anybody like that? If you do, I bet you suspect they are lying (well, no denying it — I am rather cynical when it comes to certain issues).


Guess what, I think you can do it, too (but, it is not as easy as it sounds – initially, it requires a lot of work – there is no free lunch in this world).

I don’t want to hear your excuses! I used them all before. To repeat – it is not easy as you think. You won’t change anything by putting in extra few hours a week into this.

The articles will focus on a career in general, financial independence, career/family balance, stress management, exploring new job opportunities, negotiating skills, dealing with coworkers and bosses, occasional depression, advancement strategies, and most importantly…

It is my hope that based on my and my colleagues’ experiences as well as our extremely varied professional, personal and educational backgrounds (as for me, I lived in several different countries and I am in my late 30’s) you may walk away with some ideas that will serve you with a wake up call…

I can promise you one thing — the variety of subjects that we will cover in this magazine is likely to strike a nerve with everyone — this is a serious effort, so please visit us once in awhile for some food for thought — not only purely career-related stuff.